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There are 28+ Million Real Estate Investors in the United States, and the most prominent and successful ones buy in multiple areas of the country, as a way of economic climate diversification.  They are really good at what they do, but like any other business, they rely on accurate data.

We already know that major internet platforms use algorithms to determine market values,  As Realtors we know that no computer can look at a particular sub-market and look at the actual relevant compatibles.  This leaves Investors making large dollar decisions on substandard information.

Additionally, an investor does not have the time to fly to a city and interview real estate agents until they find one that is an "Investor knowledgeable" Realtor.  

CRER bridges the gap between the 28 million investors, and the few Realtors that understand the investing sub-market of real estate.

MORE Clients therefore more Money to you.


The CRER platform will allow you the following options to provide added service to our mutual clients, as well as your existing clients.

  • Meet new potential clients from all over the country

  • Close more real estate transactions

  • Post your investment deals, which will then email all platform investors, that have indicated interest.

  • Access to a 25% referral fee on real estate commercial loans through our special Realtorfunder,com platform

  • Option to JV with CRER on Foreclosures in your area as our "on the ground" point of contact. (Training is required)

Occasionally, we will have either request from Lenders for a Desktop BPO, or from an opportunity posted listing a property for sale.


Since these request do not provide you, the Realtor with a potential client, we compensate the first two Realtors who register to do the BPO.  Once two accept the BPO assignment, then you have 12 hours to complete the BPO and return to us.  If not received, then the request for BPO is resubmitted for new assignment and your assignment is cancelled.

On the text or email you receive, it will be noted as to whether this is a Barter Request or a paid request.  Money is typically paid to you within 48 hours of receipt of the BPO.

Our compensation is $40 to each of the 2 responding Realtors. Not bad for 15 minutes of work.

To be eligible to receive the lucrative deals of the investor request, we also require you sometimes do our lender request also.

Lender BPO Request are Paid

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