Realtors making more Money for the same work.

Realtors see the deals first, and always ask if the financing is in place.
                                                        Although many say it is, that does not mean it really is

We have the Money to get your client’s deals funded
                                                       Even when Banks say NO, we often say YES!

We offer Realtors a referral fee of 25% of the fees we earn
                                                       And what do we ask Realtors to do?

Give their clients a card, directing them to the Realtorfunder website.

                                                       They will enter the ID and password to link fees to the agent

In 12-24 hours your client will be emailed loan options.

                                                       Our team of professionals will handle all details, full service

On the Closing HUD will be a line item for  the mortgage referral fee

                                                       Call me and I will send your next 500 referral cards

With 135+ lenders, and over 20,000 private investors capable of offering over 10,000 loan variations, there are very few commercial loans we cannot complete.  Of the 85% of bank loan turn-downs, we can close about 90%.

No residential loans, but we will do non-owner-occupied SFR, duplexes, Tri’s, Quad’s, multifamily, commercial buildings; including ground-up construction, rehab, flip, buy and hold. We have Fannie products, "A" paper products and even SBA loans. We have even beaten the rates and terms of large regional banks in the area.

Apply for Funding

How we recommend you market the loans capability to your clients

We like to use a directions card.  The size of a business card that will allow you to simply hand your client instructions to view more funding options for their deal.  No cost and we do not pull their credit. This is example of Thomas Marchbanks' card from exp Realty.   Join the Pros and make the extra money!  AND, once a borrower becomes assigned to your email address, you will receive the 25% compensation for life.

TM BC Front 2 .jpg
TM BC Back 2.jpg
Just click on the card and enter your information to be setup your information for the 25% referral fee

Watch this Video to see how easy it is to earn 25% referral of the fees.  Easy for your client to see loan options

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