Real Estate Investment Opportunities

If you have a property you own or represent and would like to offer for the property sale or as a JV opportunity, please submit the form and after review, we will add your listing.  You will be required to order a desktop BPO through CRER, so we can provide an independent valuation.  This initial price will cover your total cost for the independent BPO, the listing creation and the first month of service.  You will be billed each calendar month based on the date of the original listing approval.


The service itself is $125.00 initially, then $30.00 per month, until you notify us to remove the property.

After our review, if approved for listing, you will be sent an invoice to pay for the posting
Your credit card information will be kept on a secure file to complete your monthly billing. When you terminate the listing, you will be prorate billed based upon the date that you terminate the listing. For calculation all months will be considered as 30 days, thus $1 per day for each day of the month the listing is available for view. There will be no credit issued if you cancel within the first 30-days of the listing.

When an investor registers with their preferred investment areas, they will be sent a listing of all properties in the area submitted, with a link to the data that is provided.  You will be allowed to upload pertinent documents, and we will link the BPO that is provided from the third party Realtor.  This email will be sent each week, and it is absolutely necessary for you to notify us of any status change in the property.  Additionally each investor will be allowed to view all the properties available on our website.

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